Yes. However, the adjudicated property program is not the correct way for a tax debtor to reacquire his or her property. A tax debtor should redeem the property by contacting the tax collector in the parish where the property is located. If the tax debtor has received a notification from our offices regarding a property that is being sold through our adjudicated property program, you can request assistance in determining where to redeem the property or ask other questions by contacting our offices at 318-807-0924.  In situations involving a prior owner who is not the tax debtor (perhaps a family member lost the property in a tax sale years ago), that individual or family members may be eligible to reaquire adjudicated property through the adjudication sales process.  A notification letter only suggests that the recipient may have an interest in the property so take care to ask whose name the property will be redeemed back to prior to redemption.